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16 February 2011

Links and Links

I've stolen a few minutes to visit some of the blogs I enjoy. At least, it feels a little like stolen time these days! There are some fun things out there.

Probably the most cool thing I've run across in quite a while is Postcrossing. They've got a system where you send out postcards to random places. Once people start registering the cards you send, you receive them too. Our first card is waiting to go out tomorrow: to Malaysia. How cool is that?

Cellista shared some fun stuff on how her family does their timelines, with a number of timeline resource links & mini reviews of them. Very cool.

I'm always interested in reading about narration these days, now that we're starting to do it. Nancy's got a very encouraging bit about the benefits of narration she sees in her kids.

And, here's a tutorial for making a camera strap cover. I've got fabric picked out; all I need to do is find time to actually MAKE the thing.

1 comment:

Cellista said...

Thanks for the mention!
I used to do Postcrossing, but haven't for a while. Thanks for the reminder! It was really fun. You never knew what would show up in the mailbox.


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