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11 February 2011

Weekly Wrap-up: the One Where I Had a Birthday

This week was my birthday! One of my best friends had us over for dinner. She made the best squash I've ever eaten - little chunks on the salad. Raven was loving it, and I want to get the recipe. She got me cupcakes. I took pictures of them with the new DSLR that Hubs got me. (He actually gave it to me at the tail end of December, so I'm starting to be more comfortable with it, and to get more good photos again. I love it!) It was an awesome day. Plus, I got new boots so the snow doesn't get on me when I'm going to church. It's good to have a birthday!

In school this week:

We had a great time doing science: we did "Sinkers and Floaters" from Mudpies to Magnets. Monkey predicted which toys would sink and which would float surprisingly accurately. The duplos were especially cool because they both sank and floated, depending on how they were sitting in the water.

For Art, we actually did two projects. This is the first:

Raven got to try it out too. It was his first time to participate in a project like this: I let him play with my birds, and showed him how crayons work. Coloring wasn't nearly as interesting as the little paper bird itself. Good thing cupcake papers are relatively tough!

The finished products. The one Raven & I did is on the left. Monkey's is on the right. He did his nearly entirely on his own, and told me his birds were flying over the ocean, which is what those colored streaks he drew are.

The second project, eggs in nests in trees, was interesting to me because we did it while Monkey had some friends over, one a year older, and one a year younger. I thought the differences those years made in their art was amazing. Here they are, in age order:

Our Math book has moved off of focusing so much on the numbers 1-5, and is starting to work with 6-10 now. We did shapes on the flannel board and graphing to work with these larger numbers, and I helped Monkey find what the book calls 5-groups in the numbers. We also introduced skip counting. We're counting by 5s first, because Monkey wants to learn to tell time.

Phonics was a bit of a struggle this week. We're practicing, waiting for fluency to increase before I introduce too much more. It's coming, but Monkey just wasn't into doing the games this week. I'm seriously considering giving this a rest for a week again. I don't want to have power struggles over this, or to have him decide he doesn't like reading.

Stuart Little spent most of the week lost, so we read poems, but not the regular read-aloud. We added Leviticus 19:11 to our scripture box this week:

Ye shall not steal, neither deal falsely, neither lie one to another.

It's been an extremely busy week, so I plan to see if we can't squeeze in another science project (Dunking Raisins) and a narration today. Shouldn't be too difficult.


Homeschooling6 said...

Looks like a fun week.

Ellen said...

Hi Ritsumei! What a lot of wonderful things you did this week. The birthday dinner sounds lovely, and the food delish. I'm with you on the phonics; give it a rest if you need to. Have fun dunking raisins!

Ritsumei said...

It was a fun week. And it was fun to have a few minutes to sit down and blog about it. The baby got me up early that morning, so I could play with my blog a little before everyone got up. I enjoyed it.

The food & company were both wonderful. Birthdays are a great excuse for a lovely evening. We didn't end up dunking the raisins yet -went to see Nana & Grandpa instead. Maybe this evening? Or I can just put it on the schedule for another week!


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