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20 July 2011

Classical Homeschooling Carnival #17

My life got crazy, the deadline passed, and the submissions for May's carnival sat so long that I thought for a minute the carnival people had deleted them. But they're still there, so May's carnival has become July's carnival. To those who submitted, I'm very sorry. My life has been a zoo.

But we're recovering nicely now; the carpet was reinstalled in the upstairs and the basement this morning. They'll be back to put the baseboards back tomorrow, and then we'll move the mattresses OUT of the living room and back into the bedrooms where they belong! I can hardly wait. In the mean time (What does that mean, anyway? "Mean time. Average time? Cruel time?), these submissions aren't any less wonderful for being slightly dated. Enjoy!

Over at Teachable Moments, Jessica was winding up their school year and enjoying the flexibility that homeschooling allows when she wrote and submitted Doing It Our Way..., which is much more than just a wind-up post, and still very relevant, including such gems as this:

“We tried.  We grew.  We learned.” ~ me.

The Mama, at Concordia Classical Academy, talks a little about How to Teach Reading. I sure wish I'd thought of doing blending orally before doing it with written letters! She's got some great ideas.

Karyn, of Teach Beside Me, is creating a lovely resource for using The Burgess Animal Book for Children in science. She's shared Chapter 1 with the carnival.

Head on over to Sparks of Learning to read Alicia's glowing review of Primary Mathematics (aka: Singapore).

For my own contribution, we did an owl pellet dissection, which Monkey loved. I did too: I'd never done one before. Learning with the kids has got to be one of the best parts of homeschooling. 

And when you're done with all that, take a second trip through those blogs for the great posts they've put up more recently. I think every single one of them had something that made me stop and read a bit as I was getting all my links. Don't forget to submit your post to the next edition of the carnival; we'd love to have you!


MissMOE said...

Can't wait to read through all the links.

Karyn said...

Thanks for featuring my idea. You have a lovely blog!!


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