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03 August 2011

Learning to Self-Educate

Shortly after I got married, we moved from the campus of UIUC where I had been studying Japanese, to Purdue, where I planned to get an elementary education degree while my husband finished his education in engineering. Before classes started we felt strongly that I should not attend the university at that time. I cried, and then canceled my registration. I loved school, I loved learning, and mourned that the Lord was directing me away from the only way I knew to "become educated."

Read the rest of my discovery of self-education over at LDS Parenting.


Cellista said...

What was a great post! I think so many people equate an education with a college degree and sadly, don't realize the possibilities of self-education. I too loved reading The Well-Trained Mind and want to read voraciously so I can teach my children. Truthfully though, it's ok not to know it all ahead of them. I have learned so much right alongside them the past 5 years and they get a good example of Mom learning new things every day.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and all those great quotes!

Ritsumei said...

I was sooo very much one of those people who thought "college" when I heard "get an education" and had no idea how much more it can be! Looking back, quitting school was one of the best things I've done: we don't have the debt, but the education I do have at this point is at least as good as what I would have gotten at school. Looking back, I'm very glad I didn't go there, though at the time it was extremely difficult.

So glad you enjoyed it!


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