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01 November 2011

Birds of Prey Lapbook

We're just about done studying animals for now, and I offered Monkey the option of doing a lapbook for birds of prey, since they are his favorite. He thought that was a good idea, so I'm gathering up the parts and pieces I'll need. Since we spent so much time on them, and this is intended to be a review activity, I'm planning to do a larger book than we've done for our first two. He goes back to look at the frog lapbook we did, and thus it gets reviewed and remembered better than it would otherwise have done - I like that. And he likes to look at his completed work. Lapbooks, as a type of narration, make me happy.

Birds of Prey lapbook parts - they have a great cover sheet, and I Printed several of their lapbook elements.

We found this great owl mosaic idea that I think we might have to try; it's right up his alley!

I printed several of the elements from this owl lapbook site.

I also printed some of the eagle lapbook elements.

Wish us luck! This will probably take some time to put it all together, but I'll see if I can't get pictures posted when we have it done.


Heidi G. said...

How neat! Sounds like a perfect activity for Fall and....a great way to learn about an amazing part of God's creations! What a wonderful idea!

Ritsumei said...

He's really excited about it. I printed up all the elements that seemed like a good fit yesterday & we made up a 2-folder lapbook today, and he's all excited about it. And, today while we were out doing nature study we found some large feathers- I think they may just be from a hawk, my guess is redtail, which is super cool and perfect timing. I need to go see if there's a thing out there to help identify feathers. There's a site for identifying just about everything else, so here's to hoping!

Ritsumei said...

Ah... turns out they're turkey feathers. Which is great, because it also turns out that about 800 birds are so protected that if you pick up their feathers off the ground it's a freaking misdemeanor and can land you in jail for up to 6 months - or cost a cool $15,000. Nuts. But wild turkeys aren't on the list.


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