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16 February 2014

A Day in the Life

I wrote this last Tuesday, when my kids were sick. This week, they're much better.

7:10am: wake up to Tigress screaming and rubbing her ear. Give her some medicine, massage the area like my pediatrician showed me to try to drain some pressure off. She's really sad. Snuggle. Pat. Change her diaper. Still pretty sad. Snuggle. A drink of water finally helps. It takes her a loooong time to go back to sleep. I'm tired. But at least Dragon has been ok. He was up until after 1am, coughing till he puked. It took forever to get that cough to settle down so he could rest. She finally goes back to sleep about 7:45, and I do too.

8:05: she wasn't as asleep as I thought, and she's fussy again. I'm beginning to be concerned that she's not going to let me sleep anymore. This is not a very nice beginning to my day. 

8:15: We head down to my big chair for more snuggles. I don't want her to wake the boys yet, but I'm running low on ideas to help her sleep some more. 

10:30: The Daddy was really nice to me, and let me sleep, but all good things must end. Dragon just woke up, and he's hot, coughing, and miserable. (He and Tigress were diagnosed with bronchiolitis yesterday. My little girl also has an ear infection.) The Daddy gives snuggles, and I grab medicine. First, the ibuprofen and an antibiotic, and then they both get a breathing treatment. Dragon starts to refuse his, but when I let him pour the medicine in the cup & turn on the machine, it's good. Tigress, though, cries through the whole thing. By 11:00 we're done, and I'm wondering how to find 10-15 minutes to do a little yoga, and thinking about what I want to put on Hero's list for school. I make a list, but it feels like I'm forgetting something. 

11:40: I'm partway through my yoga. Tigress started out playing with my yoga strap. Then I tried her in the high chair. Clingy as she is, I didn't think it would work, but it did. For a few minutes, anyway.

Dragon doesn't want breakfast, in spite of his assertion yesterday, "I'll be hungry tomorrow." But he does consent to eat a clementine. When that's gone he surprises me, and asks for an orange creamsicle. I don't have any. Happily, I do have some creamsicle ice cream. At this point, he's hardly eaten in 2 days, and part of what he had, he puked up last night, so calories in the boy is good in my book. I'll worry about sound nutrition later. I give him ice cream. For breakfast. He's pleased. 

Hero and the Daddy head to the basement for their workout. It's nice to hear the sound of their conversation floating up the stairs. 

1:00pm: I'm still not dressed, but there's a fair amount accomplished. Hero chose history first today, and so we read about the Spanish Armada. This is (finally!) the last chapter of our Middle Ages book. In the process of  discussing this, we talk about slave trade, and touch on the way that this battle opens up more religious freedom, globally. I've studied the Spanish Armada before, but this time it's obvious to me that part of what's going on here is the hand Providence is reaching out to set up the sort of circumstances necessary for the Restoration, and we talk about that a little. Hero colors a picture of a Spanish Galleon for his history notebook, and copys the first couple sentences of his narration into his book. He's getting better at writing, but his narrations are still longer than his endurance, so I'll finish it off in a little while. Dragon has finished up his turn on the computer, and he asks me, "Can I eat something, Mom?" Music to my ears! I drop everything and find him some food. He's only picking at it, but something is better than nothing. He's looking a lot better than he was when I woke up. Tigress is pretty grumpy and clingy still, but has had some time on the floor, playing pretty happily. I get the boys a glass of milk, and wonder if I can get enough dishes into the dishwasher to get some clean sippy cups. I'm getting seriously behind on my dishes. And I've noticed that the bathroom smells faintly of puke. I must have missed some when I was cleaning up last night. 1am isn't the best time for a good job, but I can think of one or two things I'd rather be doing, than re-cleaning a puked-in bathroom. Ugh. At least everyone is reasonable cheerful right now. I like that. Maybe I can score a shower.

2:10: The Daddy's appointment for work today fell through. This is both good and bad. Good because we always love the days he can be at home, and this kind is especially nice because he doesn't have as much paperwork to do. But it's also bad, because it means that his hours this week won't be as nice, and that makes the boss grumpy. But, with him home, I get a shower (yay!) and get dressed, without having a sad baby. That's awesome. The kids ate some more, and he and Hero head out to the garage to work on a project out there. It's not on our list for today, but he'll be learning all sorts of skills while he's working with his Daddy. Very useful. I've learned to roll with it when cool opportunities come up. He can do some of the other stuff later.

Tigress took a tumble a few minutes ago, so I of course snuggled her. It's about nap time anyway, and she fell asleep. Oops. It's time for her nebulizer. She can have it when she wakes up; a nap is at least as important, and there's no way she'll sleep through the noise. Dragon wants to watch an Iron Man movie. Suddenly, I have time to do some dishes. I also throw in a load of wash, though I forget that Dragon's Avengers bedding needs to be washed, and I put in just whatever was by the washer.

2:45: I've  been listening to my Japanese lesson (I use JapanesePod101) and working on the dishes. The dishwasher is just about filled (but not quite), when I hear a Sad Baby. I grab her and put the last few things in and start it, since I know if I wait, I'll forget it until I start looking for clean dishes. That doesn't take long, and I'm ready to do the nebulizer. This time, she's good with doing it, so it's much more pleasant for us both. I've accidentally brought an extra mask to the couch, and Dragon amuses himself dissembling it. Then he puts it back together, which he's pretty excited about. I realize that Tigress has fallen back to sleep while she's been breathing. Hopefully she'll stay that way. She needs it. When she's done, Dragon breathes too. Meanwhile, Hero pops in to grab his gloves, because it's chilly outside. I wish I could get out to see how their project is going, and get some pictures, but it's not going to happen. 

6:00: Hero has just about finished off the basics of his book work, which is all we're going to do today. He finished coloring a Spanish Galleon for his history notebook. We discussed doing the crystal growing kit he has, but decided that would be better done first thing tomorrow, so he'll have all day to observe it. He did his scripture box, and wrote a little in his journal. A little free reading will round out his day, as far as school goes. 

The little kids are all worn out. Dragon rolled himself into a blanket and fell asleep on my chair. Tigress fell asleep on my lap while I was on the phone. I want to do Speedscrap tonight at DSP, but I don't know that it will happen, as miserable as my little ones are. 

7:00: Dinner is cooking. Scrambled eggs with some veggie mix-ins. I thought about doing some more Japanese, then decided to listen to the next lesson from the Great Debate course that my sister and her husband gave me for Christmas a year ago (it's awesome; wait for a sale). I've been doing it pretty slowly, since I've done a lot of reading with it, and it's also difficult to find large chunks of time to listen to the lectures. But it's a fantastic course, even if I am progressing very slowly. 

7:50: Dinner is over. I'm ignoring the dishes. Hero found You Wouldn't Want to be a Viking in a pile of books his sister pulled off the shelf and settled in to read it for a few minutes. Dragon wants to snuggle, but after a few minutes, he asks to watch some Avengers cartoons. The baby's asleep on my lap, and I take her with me for some one-handed Photoshopping and the Speedscrap chat. I'm a little slow, but it's all good. 

8:40: I've found the picture I want to work with, and in the process learned a bit about my photography, which actually happens pretty regularly with Speedscraps; that's one of the reasons I like to do it. I start my editing, and Dragon comes in. "I want to huggle you!" He looks so forlorn. I say goodbye, save, and go snuggle some more. And watch Avengers. 

9:10: Avengers are done, and we send Hero to shower. After that, it's family scriptures. Tigress has had it, and we don't read much, only 7 verses. They're good ones, though. 

22 And behold, all that he requires of you is to keep his commandments; and he has promised you that if ye would keep his commandments ye should prosper in the land; and he never doth vary from that which he hath said; therefore, if ye do keep his commandments he doth bless you and prosper you. (Mosiah 2:22)

9:45: The Daddy brings the nebulizer out. Dragon doesn't want it, but I tell him I'm going to make him his very own cloud to breathe. And we sing silly songs. It shouldn't, but it feels like a lot of effort. But it works. I'm glad when it's Tigress's turn and she just sits, not quite asleep. Dragon runs off and asks the Daddy for a snack and a drink. Then we all head upstairs for bedtime. 

11:10: Teeth are brushed, prayers are said. I have the phone read to Dragon because my voice is threatening to quit. Hero reads his own tonight. Both of them fall asleep quickly. 

11:30: I take my sleeping baby downstairs with me, figuring that there's no way she'll let me park her just yet. The Daddy is on his computer, and I spend a few minutes on mine before I decide not to be stupid and go to bed on time tonight. 

12:05am: I can't find my jammie pants. And Dragon is breathing badly. He's hot. Find the thermometer; 103 again. Drat. He's not very pleased when I try to slip him a little Tylenol without waking him up. Sometimes that works, but not this time. I wonder why he resists taking stuff more when he's really sick. 

12:15: Dragon throws up. We help him into the shower. I feel bad for the Daddy, because Tigress wants only 1 thing: me. And I'm helping Dragon shower and changing his bed, and I need two hands. 

12:45: Dragon is back asleep, but Tigress is still fussing. But I found my jammies, so I don't have to sleep in jeans. That's nice. So is a washer and dryer. I'm going to have clean bedding ready for my little son, and that's a blessing. 

1:10: The baby is still sad. I've tried a bunch of things, and it's not working. Now I grab a squeezy-pack, and she sucks it down. Wants to play with the empty package. Fine. I put the lid back on and let her play till she falls asleep. But wakes back up when I try to lay her down and turn off the last few lights. I try more food; she scarfs it. I guess the poor thing finally got hungry. Neither one of my sickies has been eating much. Still not ready to sleep, though. We try some water next; she likes it. Falls asleep drinking. I hope she gets some "feed me" words or signs soon. Words are a wonderful thing. 

1:45: She's finally asleep enough that I dare trying to put her down. I'm tired. This time, she's finally really asleep, and that means I can sleep too. I check Dragon again (I can't not and still sleep), and I get some rest too.

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