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15 February 2014

Nap Time Cuteness

Dragon has been pretty sick this week, but he's starting to be better enough to be getting into mischief again. And to care about things like toys. It's a good change; he was pretty limp the past few days. It's nice that he's got the energy to bounce around today.

But not too much. I don't want him to overextend and get really sick again. Nap time is a must. Apparently, Optimus Prime is tired as well. 

"He's also sleepy. Just like I do. He needs to lay on my pillow."

Shuffle shuffle. Cough. 

"I'm going to lay him on my pillow. Optimus needs to be tucked in."

Shuffle. Squirm. Snarfle. 

"Hey! He doesn't stay put on my bed!"

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