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05 March 2014

A Little Elbow Grease

The kids really want to get Mincraft. Really. And I'm cool with that. But it costs money and is definitely an "extra." So there's work involved. They each need to do 3 jobs to earn it.

I'm not the best housekeeper on the block, though hopefully I'm not the worst (anymore), so there's plenty of jobs. Hero chose the bathroom. There's some paint from the time Tigress got ahold of some paints we thought were taken care of, and ended up with black paint in her hair, and now that paint is mixed with the soap scum, and it's really pretty gross. Hero chose the bathroom, so we're working on that. And the paint/soap scum gunk isn't very easy to get off (though I've cleaned worse), and he's learning about elbow grease- the idiom and the experience. Even after his little brother and I lent a hand, it was still a big job. He did really well. 

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Anne Chovies said...

Three cheers for hero, willing to tackle tough jobs! Way to go!


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