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26 March 2014

Comment On This Post, Please

The past while, I've been experimenting with keeping a Facebook Page for my blog. I thought it might make it easier for folks to see my content, if they could enjoy "one stop shopping" in their Facebook feed. Thing is, Facebook seems determined to destroy the usefulness of the feed. They won't show us the things our friends post much of the time, they filter away a lot of the content of pages we "like", and apparently they have plans to make it go from
bad to worse. I'm seriously considering abandoning my Page. It feels like a lot of work for... not much. And what little exposure there is, they plan to take away.

So, what do you think? Do you see my stuff on Facebook? Do you read in some kind of feed? Stop by the blog itself from time to time? What do you like? 

1 comment:

Rozy Lass said...

I don't use a feed or read blogs on Facebook. I stop by your blog every time you post something new. It's like visiting a friend. I guess I haven't read all your posts from the past and have a question. Why the interest in Japanese? I'm interested in all things Korean because my daughter is an Air Force Linguist stationed in Korea. I get to visit her next year and hope to make a hop over to Tokyo to visit the mother of a former exchange student. Anyway, I enjoy your blog and hope you'll keep it up.


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