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30 August 2014

Messy Art!

I'm pretty excited about how our Artist Study has been working. I planned it out a couple weeks ago, and so far, we're doing surprisingly well with it! We print a picture, look at it, then hang it on the fridge. The next week, we do it again. I think that taking the time to plan it out to the point of having the pictures ready to go, so all I have to do is print them out on cardstock, makes a big difference.
We're doing Winslow Homer, because he is a watercolor artist, and we have been enjoying learning about watercolors lately. I wanted to connect the potential of the medium to the work we are doing. So, this week, one of the things we did was get out the paints.

It started pretty informally, with Dragon(4) wanting to paint while everyone else was sleeping. He chose to use the acrylic craft paints, because when he uses the watercolors he gets crazy with the mixing, and very quickly everything turns brown. He wanted colors this time. 

Tigress(1) joined us when she got up, and had a lovely time. It's always fun to watch and see what the littlest ones do with the paints. Tigress dived right in, and wasn't the least bit bothered by the texture or anything.

Not long after that, Hero(7) also started to play. He actually was using the watercolors, rather than the craft paint. We watched a clip from one of the tutorials I gathered up, and then he painted me a lovely blue mailbox. I got to work on my current painting as well, which was enjoyable.

Altogether a lovely and successful art class!

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