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26 November 2014

Learning Football

I'm so clueless about football. And I've been pretty happy that way all my life. I've been to a few football games. ("What happened? Is that good?") I went to a Super Bowl Party once. Watching the fans at the party was waaaay more entertaining than watching the game itself. And the food was tasty.

But Hero is a Cub Scout now. And he wants beltloops. All of them. Including football. So we're learning some stuff about football.

After that, we found a game, and he watched part of it. Said he really enjoyed it. Gotta say, the sound of football is just an odd one to have in the house.

1 comment:

Dorine said...

LOL!! It will be fun to watch all the things that he is doing and see which ones he enjoys and wants to try again. :)


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