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11 February 2016

Commonplace Sampler: January

"This is Saint Paul's magnum opus. Here we see him at his greatest as a constructive thinker and theologian. The epistle to the Romans is the complete  and mature expression of the apostle's main doctrines, which it unfolds in due order and proportion, and combines into an organic whole. No other New Testament writing, except the epistle to the Hebrews, approaches so nearly the character of a doctrinal treatise. For the purposes of systematic theology, it is the most important book in the Bible. More than any other, it has determined the course of Christian thought in its most fruitful epochs; its texts and definitions have been the battleground of momentous conflicts in the history of the Church.
-Bruce R. McConkie, quoted in From Saul to Paul, p145

Teaching the Gospel in the Savior's Way:
  • Prepare to Teach
  • Help us Discover the Gospel
  • Invite us to Act
  • Let us Teach
  • Love us

The true mark of a gospel-centered teacher is not to create disciples of one’s own, but to lead one’s students to the Lord and His prophets.
-Four Attributes of an Influential Teacher


Ultimately we are punished quite as much by our sins as we are for them.
-Boyd K Packer, Teach Ye Diligently, 224

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Anne Chovies said...

That quote by Elder Packer had been a favorite of mine for a long, long time. I have seen it's truth borne out over and over.


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