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11 February 2016

Most Popular Posts of 2015

So, it's kind of fun to look at which posts got the most hits in the past year. Of everything that got posted, this is what the most people looked at:

7. Number seven was Marking My Scriptures, from the posts that I do for my Bible Study group (check the sidebar), where I shared some of the techniques I use for studying the scriptures.

6. Number six was Planning Early Modern History. I matched up church and family history with the second part of Story of the World volume 3.

5. The fifth most popular was On Classical Education: Cultivating Godly Character. I finally published this one in November, after working on it for several weeks. It's part of an ongoing series where I'm reading about - and then writing about - various aspects of what Classical Education is. This batch of posts are challenging to write, because it makes me take fuzzy thoughts and poke at them until they come into focus well enough to share, so it's gratifying that enough people have had a look to put it this far up the list!

4. The fourth most popular post of 2015 was Watercolor Instructions, where I gathered up a collection of links and things that the nice ladies of Ambleside Online had recommended. I have finally started getting somewhere with those. I painted this detail from Norman Rockwell's Runaway after reading about drybrushing in one of their recommended resources. And most or all of what went into the January Watercolor Challenge (it's linked on the sidebar) comes from that batch of resources, too. There is process. 

3. Number three was New Games, where I shared some games we were trying for both math and Japanese. The math game worked really well, and we used that one quite a lot. The Japanese game, much less so. We played that a few times, then moved on.

2. Number two was Day in the Life. I went through and wrote down just about everything that we did, for about 24 hours. These are fun posts to write; I'm glad that somebody was looking at it!

1. Aaand... the most popular post was Herb Class, where I wrote about the class I took last February, and how we integrated it into our nature study. It was a fun class; I'm glad that I took it -- but I'm surprised that it was the most popular post this year!

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