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30 May 2016

June Watercolor Challenge

This is the sixth of our watercolor challenges - next month we'll be halfway through the year-long project! This month's logo is "Italian Girl", by Joseph Tapiró. I found it on the Google Art Project, and I'm just so impressed by how much detail he persuaded out of his watercolors! I'd like to figure out how to do that, at some point.

This month from our book, we're in chapter 7: The Blues. Which is wonderful: the color the author calls indigo is my favorite color - right there straddling the line between deep blue and rich purple.So I'm very much looking forward to playing with some of the blues. There's quite a lot of shades of blue, and apparently a lot of choice when it comes to buying tubes of blue, so there are many options in the book for copying, and lots of tips about mixing the various blues with other colors.

Instead of just watching some time-lapse videos this time, I went looking for some dry-brush techniques, because I'm hoping that learning to do dry brushing will help add some sharpness and detail to at least some parts of my paintings. Here are a few that I enjoyed:

This one is a quick introduction.

This one has some instructions on how to build the colors and add highlights, and I'm thinking the artist's brush must be considerably dryer than what I usually do when he was working on the sections of the cut orange.

Here are a couple of inspirations I found on Pinterest, when you're ready to try your hand at painting something:

And that's it! Happy painting! Don't forget to stop by and show us your work!

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