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27 March 2008

And Thus it Begins

Yesterday a friend brought over a big box of hand-me-downs. The timing was perfect: the plan was to go find some lightweight jackets at the 2nd hand shop today. I am convinced that she was an instrument in the Lord's hands; now we have what we need.

Last night I didn't feel wonderful, so I didn't get that big box of clothes put away like I should have done.

This morning I just grabbed a shirt, a bright yellow shirt, and tossed it on the Monkey. I then went looking for some jeans to put under that yellow shirt. But before I managed to do it he brought me a lovely pair of maroon sweat pants, and grinned at me. The message was more than clear: "I want to wear this." So I put it on him. After all, toddlers can't be expected to know what looks good together, right? So, this is the result of his first time choosing his own clothes.


misskate said...

Haha.. Cute as ever. The outfit's not soooooo bad! It could've been mustard pants or orange or something totally clashy.. hehe.

Keeley said...

He looks fantabulous! =)

Yay for freebie clothes - I'm always so grateful for them. That's what Ben wears most of the time. =D

Cocoa said...

I love hand-me-downs. They are a life saver, especially for my farm raised kids who seem to rip a hole in everything.


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