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24 March 2008

Thrift Store Finds!

Today I went to St. Vincent de Paul, and I think that I did very well. For just a little less than $23 I got the following:

17 mason jars (we're planting a big garden, with high hopes this year for a rich harvest!)
2 medium mixing bowls
For Richer or Poorer (VHS)

And the books. I really hit the jackpot today! It looked like someone was cleaning off the children's bookshelf, and I got there at just the right time to pick up a mess of classics that will be very useful in a few years. I'm feeling very blessed, particularly since this is not the first time that I've hit the jackpot, although I think this may be the best book jackpot to date.

The Complete and Unabridged:
*The Swiss Family Robinson
*Black Beauty
*The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
*The Red Badge of Courage
*The Jungle Book
*Aesop's Fables

From Laura Ingals Wilder:
*Farmer Boy
*The First Four Years
*On the Banks of Plum Creek
*The Long Winter
*Little House in the Big Woods
*These Happy Golden Years

Other Random Books
*The Little Giant Book of Knock-Knocks
*Stuart Little
*More Poems (complied by Untemeyer & Anglund)
*My Big Book of Fairy Tales
*My World & Globe
*The Great Big Paddington Book
*The Story of Ellis Island
*Ned & the Joybaloo
*The Random House book of Mother Goose
*A Child's Book of Poems

There was also a lovely dollhouse that was only $5, and had I had a little girl, she would probably have a dollhouse this evening. Now the thing I need to do is figure out where I'm going to put those jars until I've got something to put in them.

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naturegirl said...

I just recently discovered a Paddington book, and it is a very good read. Also, my parents dropped of a dollhouse they found and my boys loved it! Granted, they were driving their cars all through it.


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