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26 March 2008

Pint-sized Geography Buff

I browsed across this adorable video this evening while I was blog-surfing (as opposed to sewing, which was supposed to be on today's agenda) while the Monkey took his nap on my lap. It didn't start as a lap nap, but he's got another ear infection and while he is better, he's still not at the top of his game and needed some extra cuddles. But this video, this little girl, is amazing! I think we underestimate kids so much of the time. Sure, the places she points out probably are just colored blobs on the map, but as she learns about those places that'll change! Monkey says "yellow" without really knowing YELLOW. I don't see that this is much different.


Keeley said...

Holy cow!!!! That was cool. =)

Ritsumei said...

Makes me want to get a map.


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