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25 October 2008

Been Needing an Ironing Board Cover

Cuz I got a Walmart brand one when the old one wore out. Don't do that. It doesn't work at all. The old one was better and the money's never coming back. But it seems that there is a tutorial for making an ironing board cover!

- More cool how to projects


misskate said...

Oooh... now this one I might actually do if I can scrape together enough sewing skills to accomplish something as daring as that! I've been kind of on the lookout (in a very lackadaisical way) for a fabulous new ironing board cover, but they all seem so expensive and aren't ever quite what I want. With this I could customize the fabric according to my desires.... and thus the wheels begin to turn.......... :)

Ritsumei said...

I agree... personalized ironing boards. It'd be ever so much more fun to use than the generic strips that I have (that won't even stay ON!). My wheels are moving slowly... I have a mess of other projects, such as my dress for your wedding, that have to come first. But I definitely don't want to loose this tutorial cuz one of these days it's going to happen!


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