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23 October 2008

Voting Tip

I've always struggled with figuring out who is going to be on the ballot. I'm sure that most folks know this already, but your city or county clerk can tell you. In fact, I picked up a sample ballot this morning. Now I have the actual list for my address and can look up the local candidates as well as the better-advertised state and national candidates prior to election day.


Chocolate on my Cranium said...

I'm quite surprised by this! Here in Nevada we automatically get sample ballots in the mail with all the local candidates for our area as well as the ballot initiatives that we will be voting on. I thought that happened everywhere!

Ritsumei said...

I've never had a sample ballot before and I've lived in Wisconsin, Utah, Kentucky (not sure I was there over an election though), Illinois, and Indiana. I've voted in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Indiana. It's only been recently that I thought that I could probably find out more information about what I needed to be researching by calling either the county or the city. Last time I called the county. They didn't offer me the sample. This time I called the city & they told me I could get a sample. It's really nice.


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