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16 October 2008

Monkey Asks Why

Monkey burped several times as we finished dinner. Then we had this conversation:

Monkey: Mama burp?

Mama: No, I don't want to.

Monkey: Mama burp?

Mama: No, it's really not good manners.

Monkey: Why?

Mama: I don't know!

Monkey: No idea!

It was a fun conversation! We think it's the first time he's asked why. He was so funny about it! But I still don't know why not. There are places where a good belch indicates that dinner was good. What's the logic behind forbidding them?


misskate said...

All you simply have to do is explain that he is setting a good example for the cows, and by so doing, he could help protect the environment.. I'm sure that should clear things right up for him.. haha :)


Ritsumei said...

You crack me right up!!! I guess I can tell him that... not sure that he'd follow the humor in it just yet, but I'll bet his Dad will, LOLOL!!

Keeley said...

Hahaha, that "No idea!" at the end was brilliant. =D


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