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26 March 2009

The Headmistress on School-Parent Relations

Here's some teasers on what she's turned up:

*13 Year-old Strip Searched by school looking for ibuprofen. This one's headed to the Supreme Court because the school says they did nothing wrong.

That's the current case, but she's got a couple of shocking older stories:

*Title I Schools performing genital exams on kids as young as kindergarten, without notifying parents (or hiding the notification in a stack of papers parents are rushed through.)

*A Massachusetts school made 9th grade girls go buy condoms and practice putting them on bananas.

In all these cases the schools insisted they did nothing wrong. Just one more reason to keep my children at home. None of these things are things that schools should be doing!!


Karies place said...

I shouldn't be surprised, but it still makes me disgusted when I read or hear about it.

Ritsumei said...

Disgusted and outraged. I know that not all places are like this, but you can't predict which school districts are going to have this "parents as an inconvenient necessity" attitude.

Jeannetta said...

Why I too keep my children home. We are in an "unschooling" phase, not where I want to be really, but ever so much better than the alternative.
The institutional schools are evil places in my view, no place for precious souls.

Keeley said...

Oh. My. Good. Gravy!!!!!

That just blows my mind.


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