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26 March 2009

Seems the Issue is Not Dead Yet

Though I'm sure that Mr. Obama wishes that it was. Somebody filed criminal charges against Obama over his birth certificate.

Still makes me wonder: why doesn't he just end all the fuss and show the world his papers? Unless he's got something to hide. I hope there is still a judge in America with the courage to stand up to the President. And I hope the case makes its way to that judge's courtroom.

Legit or not, Mr. Obama needs to put this scandal to rest.

And another question: Why is the press not all over this? Citizen or not? This is a fair question the President should answer. He won't. He's going to a great deal of trouble and expense to avoid the question. Why isn't the press all over the story?


Jeannetta said...

If he doesn't have anything to hide, why not just show the document? It begs serious scrutiny that he hasn't.

Karies place said...

Because most of the press are on his side. Unfortunately our government is mostly against us as a people and want to rule us rather than work FOR us. I think, in a way, we are being tested with our faith and need to get on our knees and pray about what we need to do. This country has gone a bad way and we need reminding, so this is one way to do that. Scary huh.


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