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16 October 2010

Weekly Wrap-up: The One With No Pictures

After a week where I spent as much time camera in hand as this week, It's pretty ironic to realize that not only have I downloaded zero pictures from my camera all week, but there are so many of them and the weekend is so busy that if I try to download for this post I won't have enough time to make the post. So we have no pictures. But it's quite possible that the best part of the week was Raven's first laugh.

This was one of those weeks were we briefly greeted our usual routine on Monday, then left it behind for the rest of the week. We tried to keep up with the phonics practice because Monkey is doing so well in that area, and we don't want him to loose momentum on that.

Tuesday there were glass blowers demonstrating their craft, which was mighty interesting. We nearly didn't go because I was feeling stressed about getting ready to spend Wednesday & Thursday out of town for a wedding. I'm so glad we went. I can't wait to post a few pictures! Glass blowing is mighty interesting stuff! Tuesday I also agreed to take pictures at the wedding. So I spent some time researching what wedding photographers do, and trying to learn what I could about what the Nauvoo temple and grounds look like, since that's where the wedding was to be.

Wednesday we traveled to Nauvoo. The boys did remarkably well with the travel. We even had a few minutes to see some of the sights: the Browning gun shop & the blacksmith shop. Raven kept us on our toes by pooping to his toes. I did more photo research at the hotel.

Thursday was the wedding, and while everyone else was inside the temple I was watching the boys & we looked for photo locations. I think the pictures are going to be great, as soon as I download them I'll know for sure. I feel like the Lord blessed me to be able to do my very best work on such short notice: everything went smoothly down to Raven sleeping through the whole thing while in my sling. Then we came home.

Friday we did pumpkin carving at my parents' house. It was lovely. More pictures. Hopefully I can blog some of this stuff this week.

Today is the reception: more pictures. And I need to bake a cake for an open house I agreed to bring food to before I knew this was going to be such a zoo. Fortunately, it's pretty simple.


Tianna said...

Wow! Sounds like your week last week was a crazy, fun one! It's so cool to hear that Raven has laughed. Those are very precious moments. :)

Ritsumei said...

They are indeed. It was a tough week, but some very good things happened. Hopefully this week will be *substantially* less busy.


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