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09 November 2010

Cake Bites

Bakerella has some awesome stuff. Kate made some for her Halloween party. Cute's not quite the right word, but they did turn out just right! (She also made some adorable little pumpkins, but they're only on facebook, not her blog.)

I wanted to make cute little cake things too. So I did. Monkey helped. Raven's too little for that sort of thing, though he did seem interested in watching. Here's the recipe. It's super easy. And yummy.

Poor Raven is still too little to do much with us, though he gets to watch pretty regularly, and I try to keep up a running commentary on what's going on. He is, however, mighty good at being cute. See?


misskate said...

Oooh! So you did them with the chocolate bottoms and everything? Very nice!

Ritsumei said...

Yep. Chocolate bottoms. It was tasty, though I think next time I'll try to do more of the larger cake balls: we ate the biggest ones before they got decorated, because I thought they'd be too big. But turns out they probably would have been just right, because the small ones sometimes took a lot of candy to coat, and it was a LOT to eat them. And I think I need more of the little colored ball decorations. They worked beautifully. Much more nicely than the sugar, which tends to form a really hard crust if you get it too thick.

Keeley said...

Oh wow those look goooood. And Raven is ridiculously cute. =)

Ritsumei said...

They are every bit as good as they look - at all stages! I'll be doing these again! I might try the ones that are just frosting covered; those look fun too.

Ritsumei said...

And I'm going to have to completely agree about Raven!


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