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19 November 2010

Weekly Wrap-up: Home Again

We went on a business trip with my husband this week, which was both challenging (kids in a hotel for a week) and rewarding (the family stayed together). We didn't really do anything remarkable, outside taking everyone along with Daddy, but I'm glad we went. Although hotel living has its challenges, I think we are happier when we're together.

While Daddy was at work, we explored the various buildings that were connected to our hotel by a skywalk network. Probably the coolest place we visited was this Barnes and Nobel.

Monkey picked out a Star Wars sticker book that kept him happily entertained in the hotel room (Yay!), and I got a dog book for further study so I know what to do when we bring this cutie home next month.

We tried to keep the basics of school going while we were gone. Monkey's reading is starting to take off, and we took some phonics games & Bob Books with to keep the momentum going on that. I think he's starting to internalize blending better, as well as building a small stock of words he's sounded out enough to recognize them when he sees them. It's so exciting to see him progressing! In addition to the CVC words that he's getting pretty good at, he seems pretty comfortable with the double letter words we've introduced: fell, sell, egg, Bill, Jill, and so on. I can tell they're still new enough to require concentration, but he's getting there.

We took a couple color by numbers for math, which was fun, and also our Castle Logix game. That's lots of fun, and he wanted to play again and again. At one point we thought we'd lost 4 of the 7 pieces, but they turned up again at the last minute. (I don't know why the picture isn't showing... I'll have to play with it later to see if I can fix that. It's a cool looking game & that's most of the reason for the link!)

I brought along our scripture box to try to keep that going. It seems like scripture study always suffers when the routine suffers. But this time we did well.

Now that we're home, I've got a whole bunch of things I want to blog about, including my 1000th Post Celebration that's coming up! We'll see how much time on the computer I manage to squeeze in with Thanksgiving this week!

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Sarah said...

Glad you could join your husband on his trip. We hate when my husband has to be away and try to go with him whenever possible. It is sometimes challenging to keep the kids entertained in a hotel room, but it's better than being home without him.


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