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14 November 2010

Trying Audio Books

Tatiana, over at World Star Academy, shared some audio book resources a couple of Classical Homeschooling Carnivals ago, which I finally figured out how to make work for us: we've burned a couple of disks of folk tales, and I've got my eye on some more. This way, they're short enough to listen to in the car as we drive around town. I don't tend to take my own car on long trips much; that's something we tend to do in my husband's car. But it'll be nice to have some stories to listen to in my car when we're running errands. These are the ones we selected:

Hans Christian Anderson's Folk Tales
English Fairy Tales
West African Folk Tales (not actually burned yet - but will be soon)


Jeannetta said...

When Monkey is old enough to listen to chapter books, you've got to try "Hank the Cowdog"! They are hysterical. I would check them out from the libray for trips--would? I still do :D

Ritsumei said...

We've done chapter books for a long time now; short stories are actually harder for us. He didn't care for "Just So Stories" at all. We didn't end up doing many of the fables- only "The Emperor's New Clothes." He seemed to like it, though the vocabulary is a bit harder than what we've been doing. I'll have to ask later what he thought of it. And look up this Hank book. Dog stories might be just the thing here shortly when we pick up the pup.


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