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31 March 2011

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I keep hearing things that go along these lines, "You are doing a good job, but most homeschoolers..." and then it's all about the stereotypes, particularly bad socialization and academic neglect. Thing is, the research says that the fears of mass academic neglect are completely unfounded. Homeschooling works. And no wonder: who doesn't benefit from that much one-on-one instruction?

Jamie has a great post about Homeschool Goals Not Accomplished. Don't worry. She's not fessing up to academic neglect so much as she's musing about why some of the electives she'd planned didn't work out and pondering what to do about it.

This awesome bubble art project makes me want to get some pastels. Apparently the site has a section of projects to do with them, which is cool. I need to go browse.

In about 2 months the plan is to study butterflies. I may have to make this caterpillar for breakfast (or more likely, dinner) sometime that week. It's adorable!

Cocoa shared ideas for birds' nests - edible & not. They're adorable. And they're just in time for us to be doing 6 weeks of birds here. I think we have a new craft on our agenda!

And, finally, a bit of muchkin humor: Thinking Outside the Bowl.


See Jamie blog said...

Thanks for linking to my post! :)

Ritsumei said...

You're so welcome- it's a great one!


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