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25 March 2011

Weekly Wrap-up: A Person Place or Thing

We started doing First Language Lessons this week. I suspect that we'll breeze right through this pretty quickly; it's relatively straight-forward and Monkey's good at language stuff. The first lesson introduces nouns, so of course I had to go find the applicable Schoolhouse Rock clip! Music makes everything better.

I felt the need to buy books this week. This happens sometimes. Fortunately, I hadn't been to my favorite thrift store in a bit, so we headed there while we were out grocery shopping. What a great call! The books were $.25 each; we spent $5.50.

And, as is the norm for our house, we had a steady diet of lego creations. This one is a Batplane. We also had a dragon, some tanks, a starfighter, a missile (several of those), a couple buildings, a pyramid-shaped staircase... yeah. Lots of legos around here. We even used them for math.

The Math Expressions book uses "bodies in motion" regularly to help cement the number concepts we work with. This time Monkey chose to do jumps. He jumped 10 times, then 9 times, then 7 times, as we worked with the numbers. He always loves that sort of thing!

Monkey's been enjoying a steady diet of "Super Friends," and as a result I am often corrected if we call him the wrong thing: "Wonder Woman, I'm Superman today!" Oops. Guess I'd better get that right! He's got two Superman shirts and a Batman, and for the days that those are dirty, he talked me into making a bat-symbol to pin to his chest. And of course the cape. Always the cape.

And then there was the balloon creations. Note that he was Batman that day. :])

We had a look at the super moon. That was chilly - and a bit frustrating because I was struggling with my camera at a time when I cared how the pictures turn out. I need to go take some more moon pictures sometime just to figure out the new camera some more.

Let's see. I made biscotti. Monkey helped me eat them. Especially the half covered in chocolate. He wasn't all that impressed with them once the dipped part was gone, but he sure liked to have the chocolate part!

In addition to that we had a visit from several of my family members, which I completely failed to photograph. BAD me! And we did a bunch of school, though we did take Thursday off while the family was here. I guess maybe there's a reason why I felt like this was a busy week, even more so than usual.


See Jamie blog said...

Schoolhouse Rock -- I need to look a few of those up to show my youngest!

Ritsumei said...

It was fun. I didn't remember the nouns jingle, but I'm starting to: he watched it 3 times, back-to-back.

Mary said...

We use FLL and love it! We also have the School House Rock DVD and it is one of my favorite homeschool purchases. Have fun!

Phyllis said...

What a lovely wrap-up! Very creative use of pictures. We love School House Rock as well. Very fun week.

Anne Chovies said...

Always the cape! The day I visited was a superman day and the lego creation looked like a super weapon of some kind. Every crime fighter needs an ace in the hole, I guess.

misskate said...

Ooooh.. your "flying pose" pictures are nice :) It was a fun visit!


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