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19 March 2011

Weekly Wrap-up: The Well-Planned One

All that planning I've been doing is starting to pay off: I felt like we actually are going to have space in the week for adding things when we add a little more in two weeks. That's pretty exciting!

Art was fun. Monkey worked on building a caterpillar, and Raven had another try at finger painting. Both of them had a blast. We also entered Amp the Magic Sword-Pig in Sketch Tuesday; it was our first time participating.

Math went well. Pretty unremarkable. Nothing photogenic this time. But he's doing so well at it, it makes me happy. Hopefully math remains as much fun as it is here at the start!

For science this week the activity I'd picked in Mudpies to Magnets was to compare seeds. We looked at pumpkin, cantaloupe, pansy, lavender, chamomile, and some other ones that I forget. Then we did one better than the book suggested, and we planted them. It's about that time, and we're all so cabin-fevered that we can hardly stand it! Raven sat in his exer-saucer and checked out a pot while Monkey was doing my planting for me.

Phonics went well. Monkey's starting to blend more smoothly, which is exciting. It's his least favorite part of school, but he does it well most of the time. For our read-aloud we're reading Star Wars: Force Rising, which is about how Obi-Wan almost didn't become a Padawan. Good story. I pre-read it, and now I'm reading it to Monkey. I'm also very much looking forward to reading the next one!

We also had out first postcrossing postcard arrive, from Toronto, and we sent one to Italy, so those were the countries we looked up on the map this week. I'm still so impressed by this pint-sized geography buff.


MissMOE said...

Any week that involves planting seeds is an excellent week! Looks like a great week--love your pics.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ritsumei! What a wonderful week! Yes, planning pays off, even when our plans don't go *exactly* as we might hope. :) Love the science experiments. Can't wait to see how everything grows!

Ritsumei said...

Thank you, Miss Moe. I am particularly happy with the ones of Raven playing with the pots!

Ellen, I completely agree. But I think (I hope) I am learning to better manage my days with all this planning. I would have expected that so much planning would kill the relaxing flow of our days, but that hasn't been the case at all - AND I am accomplishing more than ever. I even started working on my own study of ancient history again, which is so exciting: I've never done world history, so the ancient cultures are all new and exciting for me.

kewkew said...

Thanks for stopping by Tots and Me. Looks like you had a great week. I think I took the Mudpies to Magnets book out of the library once before, but the kids were to young. Perhaps I should do that again. Even if we don't get the book I think we may do some planting this week. The girls are so excited to here that it is spring, and can't wait for the park to open. Unfortunately it will be at least another month.
Glad you have found planning to help. I was organized at the beginning of the school year, but now things have fallen apart.
Love the pics of Raven.

Our Peculiar Lives said...

Your little guys are soooo cute! They look like they enjoy school so much Isn't it great when things come together?
Thanks for visiting my blog and your comment. Yes, we couldn't poke our finger through the oiled paper. We didn't try with any more force than it would have taken to poke it through dry paper, I imagine the oiled paper wouldn't be any stronger than dry paper. Hmmm. . . maybe another experiment! :) But the wet paper shredded as soon as we poked it with even very little force. The fibers just start dissolving it seems. It was a fun experiment, enjoy! :) Another thing we did with birds was "quill and ink" writing with feathers (I got some from the craft store) and watered down paint. Lots of fun, I bet your boys would enjoy that.

misskate said...

I like what you've done with the photo collages, very nice!
And DUDE! For such a skinny little newborn Raven has some impressive jowls on him! :D Adorable!

Mommy said...

Love those pictures! You are doing a great job with those kiddos.

Ritsumei said...

Kewkew- we love Mudpies to Magnets. There are a few in there that haven't gone well, but mostly they've been a lot of fun, and have worked as advertised, with minimal fuss. Great book. I'll probably look into More Mudpies to Magnets after a while.

Quills! What a great idea! I saw feathers the other day & almost bought them to have on hand for crafts. Now I'll do it for sure: that would be a fun thing to try! I think we might even have some actual ink around. Hmmmm...

Kate, you are totally right about those jowls. I'll have to look through my pictures and see if I can come up with some nice contrast pictures. He was a scrawny little thing, but he's a total chunk now!

Mommy! Good to "see" you! Hope you guys are settling in to the new place! I must admit, I was *very* pleased with the pictures this week, particularly the ones of Raven with the pot. :])


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