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30 October 2017

One Possible Answer

Today, Dragon(7) realized that, when adding -- or finding the missing number in an addition problem -- there is "only one possible answer".


Here's to hoping that getting the math done won't be such a battle. I'm hoping this is a turning point. At the very least, it was a turning point for today's work: he's working well and quickly, getting the set of problems I gave him for today done. I have yet to figure out why it is that legos are his best manipulative. But they are. I grabbed them one day when I was too lazy to get the "real" math manipulatives out. Not at all sorry; they're the one I reach for first now, because they just work better for whatever reason.

I didn't think math was that hard for him! He just needed to get past the mental barrier and Do The Work.

They're all pretty good at math, really. 

And, they all happened to do math at the same time this time, and it was fun to see all that productivity going on all at once.

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Anne Chovies said...

Those "ah ha" moments are pretty nice! Good for him!


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