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02 October 2017

Super Teacher Worksheets {Crew Review}

 Super Teacher Worksheets

We were given an Individual Membership from Super Teacher Worksheets for this review. It's a rather large database of worksheets for teachers and homeschoolers, so the first thing that I did was to browse around. The layout is nice, and it's easy to navigate. Because they are so large, they've created a "filing cabinet" feature, where you can save the worksheets that look interesting.

I browsed the math sheets first, since that is where I anticipate spending the most time. One thing that I noticed is that they have resources for multiple English speaking nation's currencies, not just the US Dollar. You can see a partial list of the topics they cover there on the left of this screenshot, as well as the list of currencies they can accommodate there in the center. I used several. Some of them are pretty ordinary "work the problems" pages. The one to the left is a cool one, where my son was supposed to find numbers that add to 10. This is an area that I have been wanting to have him do a little extra practice, beyond what is in our regular math program, so I was glad to see this sheet. He didn't really follow the directions very well, but it ended up working well anyway.

They have a nice variety of sheets, so I was able to find things that are good for all of the kids. Peanut(4) can work on number formation, and Dragon(7) on his math facts.

Dragon's math facts sheet is one that I especially like, because it's one that I generated, specifically targeted to where he needs to work. They have a nice interface, once again very user-friendly, and you can save the sheets you make. For him, I'm using the basic addition generator, but there is one for all 4 operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, in both basic  math facts and more advanced problems, as well as bingo cards, flash cards, abc order exercises, and some quiz generators. I did have some issues with generated worksheets printing incorrectly, without the final column, but since we are not using these as timed tests, it's not at all a big deal for my purposes. 

I especially like the variety of worksheets that Super Teacher has in the more advanced arithmetic. I recently switched the kids into MEP for their main math program. This transition has been very smooth for my younger kids, but Hero(11) is old enough that the differences in when things are taught is substantial, and we keep finding things that MEP assumes have been taught already that our old program had not yet addressed. Super Teacher Worksheets makes filling in these gaps easy. The most recent example was order of operations work. MEP had a short section that looks like a quick review of something covered earlier, but it was the first time that Hero and I had really discussed the standard order of operations, and he needed more than just a quick review to feel good about it. So I grabbed a couple of extra sheets from Super Teacher, and got him up to speed. Easy peasy.

One thing that I'm looking to include more of this year is logic puzzles for my oldest. Super Teacher Worksheets has quite a few topics that relate to this. Not all of them are exactly what I'm looking for, but there are some options that relate to that general idea. Each section has a listing, like this one, that shows the different types of worksheet they have for that category, which makes navigating the extensive collection quite easy.

Their "filing cabinet" where you can save worksheets that you want to be able to find again quickly is a really cool feature. It allowed me to spend some time early on picking out likely looking worksheets, and then come and print them at the time that I needed them without having to dig for them again. It's easy to tell what I'm looking at, without needing to click on every single worksheet, too, because they are labeled with their various categories and descriptions. This kind of efficiency is very important to me, as I find that time that I spend on the computer during the school day generally tends to slow us down and derail our schedule. The filing cabinet lets me just go in and print them out quickly and easily. It's a great feature.

I used mostly math worksheets, but in many ways I barely scratched the surface of what's actually available: they have phonics, handwriting (print and cursive), spelling lists, various literacy units, science units, social studies worksheets dealing with the 50 States, explorers, maps, Native Americans, timelines, history for the US, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and South Africa, and a host of other things.

I suspect that there's something for just about everyone in this sizable database of worksheets. They've been quite useful for us.

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Tim Weibel said...

Thanks so much for your kind review of our website. I love the pictures; the first one (circle the 10s) really made me smile. I wish you continued success with your homeschooling, and I appreciate you checking out our site.

Dipanshu Dutta said...

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