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06 November 2017

Thin Stix Creativity Pack {Crew Review}

The Pencil Grip, Inc.

Thin Stix Creativity PackEarlier this year, back in May, we got to review the Thin Stix Classic 6 Pack, which we loved. So we were really excited to be able to review the Thin Stix Creativity Pack from The Pencil Grip, Inc. I wish that I had a picture of Miss Kitty's face when I told her that we were getting All The Colors, because she was so excited. She may have been the most excited, but Hero(11) and Dragon(7) also used them, though I didn't remember to get pictures of all the projects that turned up in the past couple of weeks. We got several pictures, though.

We all had fun with these. I made a thing:

And Miss Kitty(4) copied my rainbow and made a thing of her own; I particularly like the clouds that she added, layering over the blue:

We found, this time, that sharpies and pens will write over the top of the paint, which opens up a number of mixed media options that bring things out of being "just" toddler art tools, and make them more appealing for bigger kids and grown-ups: you can do larger sections of your piece in marker, and then use other things on top of the paint, like my daughter did with this cute little heart that she made for me:

The Miss Kitty and Dragon both made a couple of little shapes for me. These were fun because they were sometimes experimenting with using multiple colors, and with the paints on colored papers, and we got some cool effects as the paints would mix and blend slightly, and as they interacted with the background colors on the paper.

Thin Stix are paint, but the kids still think of them as markers. Which is ok; I think that you'd have to work pretty hard to make a mess with these. We actually managed to use up one of the old ones, and they stayed mess-free, even when the kids pulled the screw-up end out of the marker itself to get the last little bit of paint out... and even then, they didn't make a mess. Which is why, when I found Miss Kitty using them in the living room on one of my couches, I wasn't too worried. I told her to take it to the table, but my furniture was just fine. Not too bad, for paint! We know from last time that they clean nicely off of hard surfaces like wooden chairs, even if they'd dried for a while.

 We had a great time with these, and discovered a couple of new things that you can do with them -- plus, having more colors is always more fun. They've remained very popular through the whole month or so that we had them for this review -- and the old pack, like I said, has stayed popular enough that one of the colors got used up completely. These are a great addition to our art box.

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