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28 June 2007

Another Busy Day

Wow! I am amazed at how quickly the week has sped by! We're not doing too badly though, in terms of accmplishing the school stuff. It's not a perfect track record, but it's not terrible either.

*We read some from Treasure Island. However, as the story progresses I'm less and less comfortable with it. I'm just not ready for telling my infant about murdering pirates and such, even if I myself an very hooked on the story. It makes me want to learn more about nautical stuff. So I think we'll be picking a new read-aloud book. I'm thinking about finding another copy of Island of the Blue Dolphins. I don't remember anything objectionable in that one.

*We colored with crayons again. This time it was thank you notes for some hand-me-down clothes and toys Monkey was given. I think the footprint art is canciled until I can get my hands on a drop cloth: the one I thought I had has been nailed to the garage wall as a vapor barrier. So no painting for us.

*Although I don't believe we have listened to Rhondo Alla Turka even once yet, we did listen to a lullabye collection CD full of very nice classical music as well as listening to public radio several times. One song they played the other day was a cool piano-oboe duet I wish I'd remembered the name of.

*We've read a bunch of his board books. I know we hit "How Do Dinosaurs Count to Ten" and "Are You My Mother," but I'd be hard-pressed to tell you which others. Ah, yes, we also did "Baby Animals of the Grasslands," a new book that Grandma bought from her Bookman at school. Also, the Monkey enjoys spending time "reading" his books by himself. And he's getting to where he eats his books so seldom that I feel pretty comfortable letting him pull out his books & look at them.

*We finished off 3 Nefi 11, and I've been naming the parts of the face in Spanish. I've gotta look up the lips (AGAIN!) and chin so I can name those too.


Keeley said...

How do you manage to DO all this stuff? I think I'm doing fairly well if I manage to sit down with Andrew (age 2) and a book.

Notice I didn't say "read" a book to him. Though I do try ever so hard to read to him and get him interested in the story, he prefers to talk five bazillion miles an hour about everything he sees. I let him go for it, occasionally attempting to read the story to him but mostly responding to his chatter. =D

SO how do you do all the stuff you do? With a little one as well!!! Astonishing.

Ritsumei said...

Well, it'd help if I stuck with the names of my posts when I write. I should have called this one "Another Busy Week" but I never did go fix that.

I sometimes read to him while he plays with his books or blocks or whatever has his attention. But truth be told, the read-alouds are chsen as much or more for my pleasure than his. Until I started fretting about the content I just read out loud whenever I wanted to do a bit of Treasure Island. Once the pirates mutinied though, I didn't like to read it aloud anymore.

The crayons thing, I used to do when I worked in a daycare center in the baby room. It doesn't take long because I take away the crayons once I'm sick of saying "on the paper" and "don't eat it." I always write something on the paper to, to shw him how it's done and also to keep myself entertained. This time it was "thanks!" in big letters with barely recognizable drawings that if you squinted at them just right might have been the clothes he was given.

The music, well, we've been listening to public radio, and I am a piano teacher.

He likes to do stories, although lately it's getting hard to finish a story because he wants to drive the pages, but he's pretty hap-hazard about it.

But I suspect that a lot of it is that he's my 1st. And I'm a closet control-freak & with random perfectionistic tendencies. And I truely enjoy doing this stuff.

And he, being only 9 months old, is too little to resist yet. That probably helps too.


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