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13 July 2009

Another Look at Laundry

As I've grown older, I have realized that it is the number of piles that has become profound to me, as they have marked both the joyous and tragic occasions of my life. ... When I married my first love, Rob, twenty-years ago, I only had two piles - his and mine. Soon thereafter, our first little baby girl came into the world, and then there were three. ... The most heart-wrenching experience I had with piles of laundry was when Rob suddenly and unexpectedly passed away four years ago, leaving me a widow with six children, the youngest of whom was two years old. As I folded up the last of his dirty fatigues after his funeral, I was heart-broken to think that I would never have his pile on the coffee table again. We were down to just seven piles now - the kids' and mine.

I may never look at piles of laundry quite the same again.


misskate said...

Hmm... I'm not sure I can be so positive about piles of laundry. I don't mind washing them, or even putting them away.. but I generally wait to fold things until my drawers are nigh unto empty and I feel silly for pulling out my clean underwear from the basket for the second day in a row

Ritsumei said...

I don't know that I'll have a complete change of heart overnight either, but it is definitely something to think about.

Keeley said...

1. What an amazing post
2. What a fabulous blog
3. It's midnight and I'm still reading it. GAH!

Thanks for linking to it, Ritsumei. =)

Mom2my9 @ 11th Heaven said...

Thank you so much for linking to my post. It's always nice to know that someone is reading what one writes from the heart. Thanks again!


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