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11 July 2009

Sounds Yummy!

Safely Gathered In

I browsed across this site this morning, and it's a fun site for using stored food. But the thing that really caught my attention is that they've got a recipe for making granola bars. I don't have any corn syrup, so I'll have to put it on the shopping list, but given the amount of granola that we go through, this recipe is definitely something that I'll be trying soon!


misskate said...

Oooh! What a cool blog :) I'll have to peruse that one and see what other gems they have in there.

I once saw my friend's roommate granola.. it was pretty tasty! Good luck!

Ritsumei said...

She had a recipe for the loose cereal style granola too. But we eat TONS of bars around here, so a basic bar recipe was pretty cool.


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