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11 July 2009

Photo Hunt: Garbage


srp said...

These would be things my grandmother would put in her compost heap. My garbage post is here.

Ritsumei said...

It is true, these would do better in a compost heap. But my "heap" is in a can, and last I looked at it, it was full. Plus, I don't do it well enough to be able to put much food stuff in the compost: it gets stinky and gross when I do.

Incog & Nito said...

Compost heap or not - garbage is garbage!!

Gorgeous Nelly said...

This looks like clean garbage, beautiful entry.

Mine is up too. Happy weekend.

Mudhooks said...

Compost OR pickled watermelon rinds!


Compost shouldn't smell. The secret to composting is to make sure that you have dry as well as wet compost (even newspapers and cardboard are good "filler" if you don't have access to dried garden waste like sticks and leaves). Layering and watering well to ensure that the remains of any rotting vegetables are washed down into the other compost materials.

Also, if you are using a container to compost, you need to have some air movement through the thing, top and bottom. The bottom should be open to allow any liquid out into the ground.

You should also make sure never to include meat, fat, or any dairy products and that any eggshells are washed to remove the albumen before putting in the composter. This not only prevents a whole other smell and attracting rats and mice.

Ritsumei said...

I've never yet been brave enough to try pickled watermelon rinds... though the thought has crossed my mind. I just can't quite get them into the "food" category. Kind of like bugs.

As for the compost, I know it's supposed to work, but my bin is so small - just a regular garbage can like you'd use in the garage. I hacked the bottom off and drilled a ton of holes in the sides, but it's still probably short on airflow. I should just recycle the lid, as it always seems to be ON when it rains. Being so small, it's hard to keep the ballance right. And having a small bin on a city lot, I make TONS more kitchen trash than I do yard trash. Andy gets cranky when it smells, so I mostly don't put much kitchen trash in. It's still better than nothing, even if it's not all that it could be. One of these days I'll get a 2nd bin so I can turn the stuff, and that will help. Plus, it'll help with the space issue.

misskate said...

Haha.. I think that's probably the cleanest garbage I've seen in a while :)


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