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09 May 2011

At the Symphony

A friend of ours plays in the local symphony, and she generously offered us tickets. We took her up on it and had a great date. The Raven didn't love being left at a sitter (it's only his 2nd babysitter), but he survived and we had a lovely time. Just the two of us. This was our favorite piece from the performance we saw. I loved listening to the oboes at the beginning, and the whole orchestra together when they finally join in was majestic. We were sitting way up on the 4th balcony, but it was a beautiful vantage point to watch all those strings from; perhaps some of the best seats in the house. Being up at the top like that certainly didn't hurt the sound for us!


Wendy Williams said...

That is an excellent piece of music! I bet it was even better "live". I agree the oboes are fun. Thanks for sharing!

Emma said...

I agree - that's some good stuff! :)

Tianna said...

I love that piece of music also. Had to have been fun to watch!


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