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21 May 2011

Weekly Wrap-up: At the Park

The lovely thing about taking a week off of school last week is that this week, it doesn't feel so hard to get the work done. Well, except for that in addition to the regular stuff there's a whole world of yard work that it's finally warm enough to do, and suddenly the garden has to go in right this very minute. And there's been lots of rain the forecast this week. And Daddy has been getting lots of overtime, which significantly reduces the amount of time he has for other things. But we've had some lovely park days, and that helps a lot.



Jenny said...

Nice pictures! Love it!

nikko said...

We have been spending a lot more time on yard work, too!

Emma said...

Those are some ADORABLE nephews I have! Monkey is looking a lot like Josh to me these days... and that is one happy swinging baby! :)

Wendy Williams said...

Monkey is getting so big! Thanks for the pictures Dori!


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