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25 May 2011

Nature at the Park

This photo is in my shop.
We went to the park for a little nature study, and while I was taking pictures of these, Monkey was wandering a bit and discovered that the little bridge we were on had a bottom side. Very interesting. He, of course wanted to explore. Happily, I had the jogging stroller with us so it could handle the terrain to get down there. So we wheeled him down the hill and both boys found things to hold their interest.

After a bit, Monkey was ready to wander away, so we headed over to check on the frogs. In the fall, we've found frogs at this park, but I can never figure out where to look for them in the spring and summer. We see the adults, but never the eggs or tadpoles. Monkey likes to check to see what we can find, and I keep hoping to learn enough to figure out our frog mystery. But we took the scenic route to get there. And, as usual, we didn't find them. Mysterious Disappearing Frogs.


Cellista said...

Lovely photos! I really like your collages.

misskate said...

Woah! I feel like it's not been that long since I've seen Monkey, but WOW! he's looking more and more like a kid and not like a little boy. He's still cute though :)
Good luck with those frogs!

Ritsumei said...

Thank you, Cellista! I love making them, and I love how many photos it lets me squeeze into a relatively small space. =]

Kate, Yeah, he's getting pretty big. Been shooting up again & getting taller. And doing more stuff too. Getting more adventurous: after all, we were checking out the culvert, and he went inside all by himself. I had to stay with the baby. It's cool to see him maturing. =]

Anonymous said...

How sweet! Love the picture of your little guy in the tunnel (or whatever you would call that) :) Love your collages as well!

Penney Douglas said...

Very nice nature study at the park. We are constantly learning, aren't we? It helps that our kids are so curious that they ask questions we never think to ask!
Beautiful pictures!

Anonymous said...

Your pictures are great! Nature walks are one of my favorite things and it seems you all had so much fun. :-)


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