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01 March 2013

Day in the Life

Every so often, it's fun to do a snapshot of what our days look like. This is an example of our routine when Daddy is gone for business. Happily, he doesn't have to do that very often or very long.

9:00am - Everybody up! We snuggle, we eat, we dress.

10:30 - Hero is drawing knights for his art/writing, and Dragon plays with playdough.  I shower while the baby sleeps (heaven!).

Hero's knights.

10:50 - Hero practices piano while I snuggle Dragon. Baby Girl is still sleeping.

11:00 - I realize that when I made today's list of school work, I left math off. Oops. Yes, Hero, you can do your math on my phone today. He plays Hungry Fish, Othello, and Montessori Numbers. Dragon takes a turn on the piano, then goes to watch what Hero is doing with the phone.

11:15 - I nurse Baby Girl and read Dragon some stories. Hero is still doing math on my phone, but wants to switch to the reading game, Montessori Crosswords. After the stories, Dragon wants to do Starfall.

11:20 - Dragon won't stay on Starfall, so he looses computer privileges. He throws a tantrum and gets a timeout. He's sounding tired; I wonder if he feels ok.

11:30 - Baby Girl is stinky, so she gets a change. Dragon finally completes his timeout (I don't count tantrum time toward the timeout time), so I give him a big hug, and we turn on my new Lindsay Sterling disk, turn it up, and dance around the living room.

12:00pm - Time to start cooking lunch. We're having bean and rice tacos. I give Hero some Es to practice writing while I cook.

12:05 - I put Baby Girl in the wrap and nurse her while I cook. Dragon has to be sent out of the stove area because he's making me nervous around the hot stove. He's unhappy and leaves the kitchen. Hero is drawing knights rather than doing his Es. I have an internal struggle: do I redirect him to the Es I asked for, or do I step back while he follows his interests. I decide to let him keep drawing. Once the rice is going, I go find Dragon laying on the couch snuggling one of Hero's favorite animals and looking miserable. We snuggle for a few minutes, and then he comes back to the kitchen and starts drawing too.  I'm now pretty sure he doesn't feel great. Hopefully it's just hungry, and he'll be all better after lunch is over.

12:30 - Still waiting for the rice. I get out 1001 Nights to read while the boys color and I mind lunch. Baby Girl is sleeping in the wrap.

1:00 - We finally sit down for lunch. I still haven't read any of 1001 Nights, but I do manage about 1/2 a chapter while we eat. By the end of the lunch there is shredded cheese spread all over the whole dining room floor. I'm not quite sure how that happened. It's all mixed with the muffin crumbs that I still haven't swept up from last night, and it's sticking to my feet. It's driving me crazy; I grab the broom. While I'm sweeping Dragon starts throwing his food. I give him a timeout and finish sweeping up the worst of the dry mess. Then I hand him a rag and we clean up the rice he threw. Hero clears his place and does the Es.

1:30 - Quiet time. I wish it was naptime; I want to do some scrapbooking and it's just not going to happen. Maybe after the boys go to bed. Baby Girl is still sleeping. The Daddy calls and we talk to him for a few minutes as well.

2:30 - After a couple of warnings to stay in his quiet time or he'd head up to his bed for a naptime, Dragon got "banished" and snuggled and fell asleep in about 10 minutes. I'm not terribly surprised; he's been off all day. Hopefully the evening will be better. Hero's quiet time is finished and he's back to drawing (since his mean mom won't let him have a screen right now). He wants me to come draw a knight for him, since he drew 4 for me. Baby Girl is still sleeping in the wrap. After that we do Japanese.
More knights.

Mom's knight.
3:20 - Baby Girl loads her diaper most impressively, with much noise and concentration, and I discover that Hero is embarking upon that stage in life wherein a single fart is worthy of 10 minutes of giggling.

3:30 - I'm beginning to think we're approaching the point of diminishing returns for school. Hero is supposed to be doing memory work with me, but the CD player has cycled through all 5 disks and is back to Lindsay Sterling. Hero's urge to dance is clearly irresistible. My poor boys need to be outside more than I can do this week. Plus, our memory work is stale; we need a new poem or something.

3:45 - Dragon comes downstairs after his nap. His mood is much improved, and he joins the dancing. Baby Girl is awake, has eaten, and is having some floor time. Hero (sort of) listens to me read to him about the Solar System while he does some summersaults. The boy has serious ants in his pants today. I'm very glad that he doesn't have to try to sit in a desk and contain all those wiggles.

4:45 - School has been declared to be officially DONE for the day, and the boys both requested some screen time. Hero is playing one of the Daddy's favorite video games, MechWarrior Mercenaries, while Dragon wanted to watch Elmo's Potty Time. I'm hoping that he'll take a hint from Elmo and decide that the toilet is cool enough to use. Baby Girl, having slept all day, is ready to start the evening's cluster feeding and is nursing again. I'm going to play in Photoshop making another scrapbook page, since everything is calm for the moment.

6:00 - Dragon's show is done, and I'm finishing up the new cover photo for my blog's facebook page. You should go check it out. I give notice to Hero that he needs to finish up and proceed to tickle Dragon, and then chase him away from Baby Girl, who is sleeping again. We head to the kitchen to start working on dinner. I'm not exactly sure what we're going to eat, but Dragon's going to help make it.

6:40 - We're still sitting at the computer, watching Lindsay Sterling this time, rather than just listening. Dragon asks for a violin. I tell him that before he can have a violin he has to be able to take care of it. I also make a mental note to talk to my friend about Suzuki stuff, and when they recommend starting and what it costs. This isn't the first time Dragon has said he wants a violin.

7:00 - The Daddy calls. Everything stops for this. However, due to the wonder of cell phones I can also cook dinner while I talk to him. "Cook" being a non-technical term. We have turkey sandwiches and applesauce. Hero asks for more of the 1001 Nights story and I oblige him.

8:15 - Toss Dragon in the shower, followed by the bucket and cup he likes to play with. Baby Girl still likes the sound of the water, so I lay her on the rug. She's fussy in the evenings, but this seems to help tonight. For a while. Hero plays piano a bit, then comes to check out the Japanese I'm studying while I wait. I promise to teach him written Japanese after he's better at spoken Japanese (and not so incidentally, reading English). Baby Girl starts freaking out (in spite of Hero's best efforts) while I'm washing Dragon's hair. Dragon, Baby Girl, and I clear out of the bathroom so that Hero can have a shower all by himself.

9:30 - It's definitely time for bed; both boys are getting grumpy, and they're starting to antagonize each other. We get our vitamins and head upstairs so they can each be in their own beds, in their own space, for the rest of the routine. Poor Baby Girl is freaking out, and I can't figure out what's going on. We say family prayers, and the boys say their personal prayers, and I set my phone up to read scriptures to them for me (not my favorite method, but it got done) and step across the hall to change the baby's diaper. It's wet, and a clean one helps, but she's still growling a bit.

10:00 - The Daddy calls to say goodnight. Dragon talks first, and while he's chatting, Baby Girl loads the new diaper. Which Hero finds hilarious, so Dragon sensibly concludes that it's hilarious, and tells the Daddy all about it. Baby Girl passes out with a look of extreme relief on her face. I change her again while Hero talks to the Daddy, then I get a turn to talk to my sweetheart.

10:30 - I'm downstairs, blogging and getting ready to play with Photoshop some more. The boys are 90% asleep, but Baby Girl is fussing some again. However, she's clearly winding down as well. Only 10:30? Not too shabby. I make a mental note: don't stay up late; the boys didn't, and that means they won't sleep in tomorrow. Don't be stupid. Stupid is easy. Photoshop is fun. But it will suck tomorrow. Don't do it.

11:30 - I have the computer start working on a backup to my external hard drive for my photos and digital scrapbook stuff. This is going to take a minute; there's more than 18,000 files in My Pictures. Happily, the computer is happy to do it in the background while I fool around in Photoshop. Baby Girl is sleeping-- and so is my left arm. I wonder if she'd sleep as nicely on my rocking chair here by where I'm sitting. I should think about going to sleep soon myself, but I just located the pictures I want to work with...

11:45 - I'm digging through my Photoshop Toys board on Pinterest, trying to find the tutorial that I need. I need to spend some time downloading the cool fonts I have pinned. Not tonight.

12:00am - I finally find the tutorial that I was looking for, but it was one of the first ones I ever pinned, and it took a long time. Continuing to play would be stupid, so I shut things down and get ready to sleep.

12:15 - I'm still sitting here, procrastinating. This is starting to be stupid. I want to read 1001 Arabian Nights all night tonight, but I'm trying to convince myself it's a bad idea. I'm as hooked as Hero, and I've never read it before, so going slowly to read it aloud is hard, even if this is just a retelling simplified for a younger audience. I decide to leave the book downstairs. Reluctantly. One of these times I need to read the real one.

12:45 - Drat. I forgot to do laundry.

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Anne Chovies said...

That sounds like a full but fun day. Just one question, though. Did you get back up and work on the laundry? Probably not or it would have gotten a mention in your day.


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