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22 March 2013

Soggy Math

Yesterday, we went swimming, and while we were splashing around Hero started asking me:

"What is 3+20+50+100+6+30+200..."

So I answered a few. It's good practice, and he's mostly using nice round numbers, so it's not too bad, as long as he doesn't go too fast. Mental math was never something I was particularly good at, but this game is making me better. I figure turnabout is fair play, so after a few minutes I start asking a few math questions of my own.

"What is 10+13?" He can do that in his head. Cool. Good to know.

"What is 5+10+40+100+300+40+..."

"What is 35+12?" Bigger numbers. No carrying. No problem.

We're still splashing. Dragon has no caution, and I have to keep a sharp eye on him, least he find himself in the water up to his eyebrows, but I can add while I do it. This game works for me.

"What is 23+10+100+35+400+..."

"What is 16+36?" Carrying. In his head. While splashing. Guess he's got that concept. I'm impressed.

So, after that I'm thinking that he's doing well with addition, and I'm thinking it's time to put a bit more subtraction in our mix. I made this worksheet. He always loves playing with dice. We used a 12-sider, and it was just right.

About yesterday: Math in the swimming pool? I love homeschooling!

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