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29 August 2016

Frog Study 2016-2017

I want to include some reading about and drawing critters, to help the kids be able to identify more when we are out and about. This will also help them to develop drawing and coloring/painting skills, as well as observation and classification skills, which are key to science work. We keep finding frogs when we are out and about - according to the DNR our State has 12 species of frog - so I think we'll start with some frogs This project will be done irregularly, in "off weeks" opposite Picture Study.

American Toad

Blanchard's Cricket Frog

Boreal Chorus Frog


Cope's Gray Treefrog
Gray Treefrog

Green Frog

Mink Frog

Northern Leopard Frog

Pickerel Frog

Spring Peeper

Wood Frog

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