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27 August 2016

Madam How and Lady Why

One of the science recommendations from Ambleside Online this year is to read Madam How and Lady Why. The ladies of Ambleside have accumulated and created a number of resources for use with this book that appear to expand its usefulness considerably.

Madam How and Lady Why - ebook text, free, .pdf

Teachers' Notes for MHLW by Katie Barr
Study Guide (Year 5) by Annie White

A forum thread with suggestions for tackling the book, and for narration/discussion after each reading. Another thread mentioned that this one does well as a read-aloud, as there is lots to look up and discuss.

Good thoughts from a FB thread about science and AO:

" I just recently listened to John Muir Laws at the CMI conference. He says not to worry if you don't know the name of something. "The name is not the thing." His prompts for observing and asking questions are: 1) I notice... 2) It reminds me of... 3) I wonder..."

 "I am actually part of AO's Living Science team, and we are responsible for writing the high school curriculum. (We are just about to release year 9. Whoot!) If we could have everyone committing to just do nature study and read the few scheduled books in primary school, it would make our job so much easier! Kids need to learn how to observe. They need to learn to see. Then they need to be able to reproduce what they see by painting. They need to learn what make things similar, and what makes them different. This is classification.  
If they can do this, they're set for high school. Honest."

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