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03 September 2016

September Watercolor Challenge.

This month's chapter focuses on browns: some bought, many of them mixed, which is perfect for going into fall. So after reading the chapter, it's probably a good idea to spend some time messing around with mixing up browns. As usual, there's a nice variety of pictures in the book that could be copied; there's discussion for several types of browns in the book.

Also, I found this cool timeline of the development of watercolors; it's a pretty young medium, and was only developed in the 1800s. All the sudden, I'm feeling a little bit spoiled by the ease of getting and using my paints.

Here are some speed paintings to watch. This first one is pretty interesting, because it shows the way that the artist built up all these deep browns. Interestingly, starting with a pale blue. 

And then, in case you need it, here's a little bit of "Pinspiration" for ideas to try out this month:

And that's it! Happy painting! Don't forget to stop by and show us your work!

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