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24 April 2007

Getting Athletic

So, diaper changes are getting more interesting. He's really getting squiggly now. Since I don't do naked butt pictures, these will have to do to give you the idea. These pictures were taken in a single minute:

However, there are at least a few moments still where he holds pretty still. I caught him at it here:


Keeley said...

Oh my gosh!!! What a CUTE little guy! And he looks so still - amazing. =D

Ritsumei said...

It's getting less and less common for him to be still like that. The "still" shot was for some friends who sent the cute little outfit... we're lucky it fit at all, since it's a 3-6 months, but he's wearing 12 months! Speaking of which... I gotta send that thank you card to them now that the pictures are developed. Thanks for the reminder!

Sandy said...

Oh wow. what a cutie!!!


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