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13 April 2007

You Are Special & BBB1 feedback

I'm switching this week's book because this book is just so cheesy I can't stand it. I'll give Mr. Lucado full marks for trying, but I just don't like how it turned out. We're going to substitute "Where Are You Going , To See My Friend" by Eric Carl and Kazuo Iwamura. I need to practice reading that one before visiting Mom's class for Japan Day anyway.

Jamberry went well last week. We didn't read it every day, but we did read it several times. The nursery rhyme is kinda fun, although I can't help but think of Bloody Mary every time I tell it to him... guess these nursery rhymes all seem to have their origins in grim events. I've never felt the same about Ring Around the Rosy since I learned its history either.

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