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24 July 2007

Bouncing Baby Boy!

Here's some more video. I remembered to put it right side up this time. The best part is at the very end, so you've gotta stick around long enough to see the whole thing. It's not quite a minute long.

In addition to the obvious practicing of "gross motor skills" we also visited some friends today. They got a new baby the other day, and we had leftover frosting from the cake we made to celebrate, so we went over to use it with them. I forgot my camera, so hopefully Jenny will post the pictures she took & I can link to them. But here are a few of their new baby!

We also spent a little while "practicing" the piano. The Monkey was really going to town today. I was trying to do a little practicing myself, but anytime I picked an out of the way place to doodle on, he decided that was just exactly where he needed to be playing, silly kid.

Update: here's the link to Jenny's pictures!


Keeley said...

He's walking! =D That's brilliant. =)

Tianna said...

Haha! Cute video of Monkey!

Ritsumei said...

Thanks! I was pretty pleased with it at the time. =D It's fun to go back and have another look, now that he's so much bigger too!


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