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27 July 2007

Photo Hunt: Creative

Theme: Creative

I grabbed a scrapbook idea bookof the "new books" rack at the library not too long ago and found the perfect idea for what to do with some of the pictures from my trip to the Chicago Botanic Gardens this May. My sister and I went with our cameras and took pictures of pretty much anything that got in our way! Here's the 1st scrapbook page, done in a creative photomosaic style the book

had a few examples of, as well as some pictures that I took.


Paulie said...

Certainly some beautiful things for creative theme!

Come and see mine.

tegdirb92 said...

wow, beautiful shots!! Happy Saturday.


Threw me off because you have it listed at Theme: Fake. Great photos and thanks for sharing. Have a good weekend.

Dragonheart said...

Beautiful! :) Wonderful, creative scrapbook page!

Imma (Alice) said...

I love the photos in this post, and I scrolled down to look at other photos you've posted. You are a very gifted photographer... good eye.

meeyauw said...

How'd you do that? I've seen web apps that make those mosaics but they did not make this! It's gorgeous!

CRIZ LAI said...

Hey...that’s real creative. Happy Weekend! http://crizlai.blogspot.com/2007/07/photo-hunters-creative.html

Ritsumei said...

KISSEDALOTATOADS - Oops. Copy/paste is great, but you've gotta remember to make the little adjustments. I've fixed it now.

meeyauw - I cut my pictures into 1x1 squares and pasted them onto the page. I think it worked out to 11 columns. I just eyeballed it when I was pasting them on.

Thanks to everyone - I'll get around to the blogs & take a look at your posts!


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