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11 November 2007

Cool Coloring Pages

We're doing a fun Enrichment activity this week, we're making quiet books. The idea is to find something for each letter of the alphabet. Some picture. Well, my printer's not so nice, and I don't have back issues of the Friend laying around home. Actually, we don't get the Friend yet, so there are no current issues laying around either. And that's where the ladies suggested that we get our pictures for this book from. So I went online and I looked for coloring pages. I decided that I'd like to start with stories of Jesus. That's always a good place to start. So I googled "New Testament coloring pages" and clicked around until I found this cool site. Now, it's in Dutch, which makes life a little bit interesting. But the pictures are a lot higher quality than a lot of the coloring pages that I've found when I googled just "Bible coloring pages." A lot of the art on the English sites needs some work. Not that I can do any better. (But my sister could, if she wanted to.) Anyway, I'm planning to look through there and see what sort of cool pictures I can find. So far, I've printed out this one that's kinda fun: it's Christ blessing the children. I'd link to it, but I don't know which one it was anymore. Did I mention that it's all in Dutch?


Keeley said...

Hey, what a great site! Thanks for the link.

Reminds me of "The Best Two Years" =D

Nikki said...

Hi this is a great idea . I have a suggestion for printables though. www.christianprintables.com Valerie has a ton of got resources. I do believe there is the entire alphabet in coloring and letter writing worksheets.


Clouds said...

My best site is Cool Coloring Pages - Educational coloring pages for kids.


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