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28 November 2007

Goal Check

Well, my weight is back to 187. No loss, no gain, in relation to my official "starting" spot. But since I was up last time, I'll take it.

As far as the writing goes... can I have a second month? I haven't written a single solitary word yet. I barely even posted to the blog this month. I did spend more time thinking about my book than I have in a long time, but thinking doesn't really get me very far! At this point, I just need to get something done on the book. Anyone wanna come do everything else that's gotta be done for an hour or two??


Mama Bear June said...

If you were up last time, that means you had a loss this week! :-) Congrats.
Path to Health

Ritsumei said...

That's true... but I don't like to count the "up" pounds any longer than I have to, LOL!


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